VI. Definitions

a competition between two or more teams.
the schematic that determines the order in which teams will read.
Primary Author(s)
Those writers/performers whose contributions to a particular group piece are so fundamental that they have at least as much of a right as any other writer/performer of the piece to claim ownership of it at any time. Primary authors must perform their pieces; if a writer/performer is watching other members of his team perform a group piece, then any contributions s/he might have made to it must not be significant enough to constitute primary authorship.
an object or article of clothing introduced into a performance with the effect of enhancing, illustrating, underscoring, or otherwise augmenting the words of the poem.
when each team's first poet has read in a bout, the first rotation is over. There are as many rotations in a bout as there are opportunities for each team to perform.
a complete set of bouts in which every team that is still eligible to compete does so. Eligibility to compete in successive rounds may be contingent upon success in earlier rounds.
Team Piece
a poem performed by two, three, four or all five members of the same team.