2018 Women of the World Poetry Slam

The Women of the World Poetry Slam (WOWps) is a four day poetry festival, in which 96 of the best female-identified poets in slam will compete against each other in order to crown the Women of the World Poetry Slam champion. In this event, poets compete in preliminary competitions (referred to as “bouts”) over two nights. The 14 poets with the best scores and ranks from those days move on to Finals, where one poet is crowned the champion! In addition to the competition, each day of the festival features poetry workshops, themed open mics, special nighttime events, and parties. Competition at WOWps is limited to poets who live their lives as women, which includes female assigned or identified individuals who are 18+ or 21+ years of age (depending on the Host City). This includes gender non-conforming individuals. All competing poets must be individual members of Poetry Slam, Inc.

PSi-Certified venues have the first right to register their representatives, and as many as 72 Certified venues can register their rep before the registration opens up to “Storm” poets (poets who are not representing a PSi-Certified Venue) and Registered venues. Should more than 72 Certified venues register a representative, the first 72 will be guaranteed spots, and the remaining certified venues will be considered with the “Storm” poets and Registered venues. Once registration opens up for “Storm” poets, the storm poets, the registered venues, and the certified venue reps that came in after the venue deadline are entered into a random draw. When we have more people register than we have available spots (which is almost always the case), the spots are awarded by random draw, which will be conducted the weekend after registration closes. All registrants will be notified of their status once the draw is complete, whether they are in the tournament or placed on the wait list. If any poets withdraw, poets will be moved into the tournament based on their position on the wait list.

About WOWps 2018:
The Women of the World Poetry Slam 2018 will be held in Dallas, TX. For more info, visit https://wowps2018.com

Registration opens (Certified Venues): 2nd Monday in December
Registration opens (Registered Venues/Storm Poets): 1st Friday in January
Registration closes: 3rd Friday in January