Equal Opportunity Statement

Equal Opportunity Statement of PSI as proposed and adopted at SlamMasters meeting April 1, 2000 and amended on March 31, 2001.

As the SlamMaster of an event sanctioned and registered/certified with Poetry Slam, Inc., the SlamMaster and/or his or her assigns agree:

  1. To provide a poetry event which is open to all people regardless of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, lifestyle, class, national origin, religion, ethnicity, age*, or disability;
  2. That Poetry Slam, Inc. will permit a registered venue to serve a specific segment of the population (e.g. an all womens Poetry Slam) provided that the organizers demonstrate a need for such an event within that community to PSI, and provided that the municipality or geographical area in question is already represented by a regular Poetry Slam series open to all participants. Exceptions are also made for venues where local laws prohibit minors, or physical characteristics of the building cannot accommodate everyone. Demonstrable effort should be made to provide an opportunity for any legally protected group to participate, where no other local options to participate in a Poetry Slam exist. It is understood that Poetry Slam events which are open to all are given preference in selection for the National Poetry Slam;
  3. That the SlamMaster must provide team members with a National Poetry Slam rulebook before participating in any sanctioned National Poetry Slam event, and encourage team members to read and understand the rules and guidelines;
  4. To create a fair and equitable Poetry Slam while providing leadership which encourages, illuminates and supports established standards of good-sportsmanship;
  5. To provide, to the best of his or her ability, a professional working environment for all poets and audience members;
  6. To provide an atmosphere of mutual support and encouragement in which poets are invited to develop, network and grow;
  7. To provide an atmosphere in which freedom of speech, self-determination, and pursuit of creative excellence is an inalienable right. It is understood that audience members not in competition or affiliated with the venues organization are unregulated;
  8. To endeavor to create an environment in which all poets in good standing with PSI are allowed to pursue their craft peacefully and without censure;
  9. To do his or her best to be a good host by providing necessary local information relevant to his or her guest poets travel, including but not limited to information about local hotels, restaurants and other points of interest;
  10. To agree to comply with local, state and federal laws pertaining to individual civil rights and sexual harassment and to do his or her best to provide a safe environment for all participants. When artistic and creative expression on stage during a performance conflicts with legal statutes regarding physical or sexual harassment, it is understood that the poet may be creatively representing a voice or point of view other than his or her own and is not necessarily espousing the point of view of the poem and the poets rights to creative expression shall remain in effect.

*While local poetry slams set their own age minimums based on the venue in which they are held, all Poetry Slam, Inc. tournaments are 18+.