Press Guidelines

PSi Press Guidelines

Poetry Slam, Inc.
Press Credentials and Guidelines

Properly credentialed members of the media receive complimentary press registration to events.

Press passes will be granted to reporters from the following types of news media:

• Newspapers, weeklies, and magazines
• Wire services
• Broadcast media
• Trade media: poetry, performance and arts-oriented publications
• Online media
• Accredited freelance writers

Reporters and writers must provide proof of credentials to receive a complimentary press badge to attend events. PSi reserves the right to grant press privileges to individuals on a case-by-case basis. Registration at previous PSi events does not guarantee approval.

A maximum of two (2) individuals per news organization will be permitted to register as press PSi events unless granted special permission by PSi. Registered media are required to wear press badges at all times during events.

Required Materials for Receiving Press Badges
For journalists:
• Media identification, such as an international accredited press pass, issued by a recognized news organization
• Business card clearly stating affiliation with a news organization as specified in Press Credentials and Guidelines (see above) and position, eg, editor, publisher, writer, reporter, producer, etc.
• Letter on official letterhead from the editor of a publication/website or producer of a broadcast program certifying the affiliation, verifying assignment to the meeting, and including the editor’s contact information

For journalism students:
• A letter on official school letterhead, signed by a department professor and including their contact information, verifying assignment to the meeting

For freelance journalists:
• Copies of bylined articles and an official letter of assignment from an accredited news organization

For newsletter media:
• Newsletter media must submit current issues of the newsletter containing at least one bylined article

For reporters from online media, poetry/arts related publishing companies, and university publications:
• Reporters must provide appropriate media credentials as noted above for journalists as well as demonstrating the following criteria: original editorial news coverage, editorial freedom from advertisers/sponsors, and if sponsored, have multiple sponsors that are clearly identified (single-sponsor outlets are not eligible)

For bloggers:
• Bloggers must provide the URL for the website for which they are writing
• Examples of posts that demonstrate recent coverage of topics of interest to poetry slam audiences must be supplied; PSi reserves the right to grant bloggers press credentials on a case-by-case basis

For documentary film crews and video production companies:
• A written request must be submitted no less than three weeks prior to the start of event
• The request should include information about the company, the purpose of attending the event, a synopsis of the film, video, or documentary, and the sources of financial support for the project

Press credentials will not be issued to the following representatives:
• Advertising/sales representatives of publications
• Spouses and other guests of journalists attending the meeting
• Advertising, marketing, or public relations representatives from exhibitor companies or agencies
• Representatives of organizations selling or producing publications, video/audio tapes, or website intended for marketing, advertising, or public relations purposes
• Organizations whose main objective is to promote a product or service, e.g. marketing, advertising, financial analysts, or public relations personnel
• Industry representatives, in-house and industry newsletters or magazines, and representatives of corporate, university, or public relations, advertising, or marketing departments may not register as press

Individuals with complimentary press badges that violate PSi press policies will immediately forfeit press credentials for the event as well as any subsequent events. Press policy violations include:
• Selling, marketing, or representing a company for the purposes of obtaining advertising and/or subscriptions from any registrant or exhibitor marketing a product or service displayed at a PSi event
• Misrepresentation to obtain press credentials to cover the meeting
• Product promotion that implies PSi endorsement and/or usage of the PSi logo without the express written consent of PSi

Social Media
Communicating about PSi events through social media is encouraged. The Twitter hash tags will be provided prior to the event.

Filming, Videotaping, and Photography
Individuals are required to obtain written approval from PSi prior to filming, videotaping, or taking photographs. If prior written approval is obtained for filming, videotaping, or taking photographs, the following rules must be adhered to:
• Camera crews must not interfere with the venue or the event in any way
• Filming, videotaping, and photography must be limited to agreed upon terms
• All film and photography at Finals events is strictly limited to PSi’s contracted crews. Any unauthorized filming or photography will result in ejection from the event.

Photography and Videography must not be a distraction from the poetry. No flash photography is allowed, and we ask that you do not use photography or videography as an excuse to move around the venue during a performance.

To request permission for filming, videotaping, and photography, please email