Poetry Slam, Inc. Values Statement and Policy

Poetry Slam, Inc. (PSi) exists to celebrate the power of the voice. PSi is an arts organization that works to provide a platform for voices to be heard beyond social, cultural, political, and economic barriers. One of the objectives of Poetry Slam, Inc., is the achievement of building a healthy community that welcomes and embraces the voices of people from all races, colors, genders, sexual orientations, lifestyles, classes, national origins, religions, ethnicities, ages, and abilities. Further, PSi strives to promote networking amongst poets and poetry slam organizers locally, nationally, and Internationally.

PSi teaches and is committed to the principle that dignity, self-esteem, and respect are inalienable rights of every individual. Each member shares the responsibility of preserving the rights of all members and guests in the poetry slam community. PSi charges its members to live up to the expectations of our community and to exemplify the ideals of leadership, friendship, and justice when engaging with others in the poetry slam community, and to hold one another accountable to these expectations.

We exist to give voice to every poem, every passion, and every pressing issue that urgently needs a place for expression, and we endeavor to so build ourselves that we will ever be a credit to PSi and to the art form that is slam poetry. We challenge our members to use their art to inspire courage, hope, creativity and self-empowerment within their communities. We encourage spirited and free speech, both from the performing poets and from the audiences. We charge all of our members with the responsibility to respect other individual’s rights, just as we wish our own to be respected.

If any member or certified venue is found engaging in activities that are contrary to the values and code of conduct stated here, this Values Statement will be enforced. If necessary, actions leading to individual suspension or expulsion, or to the suspension or revocation of a venue’s certification, may be initiated to ensure compliance.

This statement was adopted as official policy of Poetry Slam, Inc. by the Executive Council on March 6, 2015.