Sending a Team to NPS

Can anyone send a team to NPS?

Not exactly. Teams come from Certified Poetry Slam Venues only. See the FAQ
on Certification and Registration.

How do I register our Certified team?

  • Be certain your Poetry Slam Venue has paid its certification fee for the current year.
  • Be certain your SlamMaster’s membership in PSI is current.
  • The order by which teams are registered is determined by a system called 2 Wins and
  • Pay your team application fee. Payment can be accomplished through this site.
  • By the time you arrive at NPS, all poets on your team must be members of PSI.

Can an individual compete at NPS?

Not any more. 2005 was the last year. Please see the IWPS FAQ Page for information on the Individual World Poetry Slam.

How do you decide which teams get in?

Prior to NPS 2007, we operated on a first come-first served basis. We have since changed to a
new system called “2 Wins and You’re In” (FAQ coming soon). The window for registration
closes on June 1 or whenever we reach the maximum number of teams we can accomodate. The limit is set based on how many teams the host city can accomodate.

Can I withdraw our team and get our money back?

Yes, but withdrawals must be accomplished before June 1 to get a full refund. After June 1
but before June 30 you can get a 50% refund. After July 1, no refunds are available. The
money is committed at that point and can’t be redirected.

How many poets on a team?

Currently the rules permit teams of 4 to 5 poets. Each team is guaranteed two preliminary
bouts. Each bout has four opportunities for performance. Obviously a team of 5 poets would
need to perform multi-voice pieces in order to get all 5 poets on stage each night. A team is
not required to put all team members on stage in either of their preliminary or subsequent
semi-final or final night appearances.

Is there a waiting list?

If we have reached the maximum number of teams before a team registers, we will open a
waiting list. If teams withdraw from NPS, we will bring teams off the waiting list in the
order they were placed on the waiting list. Each year there are one or two teams that get
into NPS as a result of some other team’s inability to perform.

If I’m on the waiting list, can I still get my application fee back?

Yes, if you elect to stay on the waiting list, even until the bitter end, and your team is
not admitted to NPS, you will recieve a full refund of your application fee. We are sorry,
but PSI membership dues are not refundable.

How much does it cost to register a team?

  • 4 passes: $425
  • 5 passes: $500
  • 6 passes: $575
  • 7 passes: $650