Poetry Slam, Inc. SlamMaster Code of Conduct:
By being a SlamMaster of Poetry Slam, Inc. (PSi) Certified or Registered Venue, I agree to the following statements:

I will know and understand the obligations stated in the PSi Values Statement and Member Code of Conduct, and the ideals expressed therein, and I will strive to incorporate them in my daily life.

I will uphold the PSi Equal Opportunity Statement in managing my venue.

If I should ban a PSi member from participating in and/or attending my venue, I will report the member’s name, the reason for the ban, and the length of the ban to the Executive Director or to a member of the Executive Council of PSi.

I understand that I must complete Slammaster Training annually to register, certify or re-certify/re-register my venue and maintain eligibility for participating in PSi events.

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PSi SlamMaster Code of Conduct
PSi Policies and Procedures
PSi Handbook
Slammaster Meeting – Proxy Form
GrantBack Program FAQ
PSi Official Complaint Process and Form


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